All Extreme Metal Albums

Wild 096 - Hürle - Hürle [Stream] [Download] [Torrent]   [M]  [Punk /Thrash]

Wild 093 - Bastard D-struction [Stream] [Download] [Torrent]    [E, M] [Industrial / Speedcore / Digital EM]

Wild 090 - Petrified - Prophecy Breakers [Stream] [Download] [Torrent]    [M]  [Death Metal, XP]

Wild 089 - Small Experiment - In My Old Age [Stream] [Download] [Torrent]    [M]  [Trash, Speed Metal, XP]

Wild 088 - Demodeus - Lugubr Existencia [Stream] [Download] [Torrent]    [M]  [Death, Grindcore]

Wild 082 - Nocturn Deambulation -  [Stream] [Download] [Torrent]    [M]  [Death Metal, Xp, Black]

Wild 079 - Tunnel To The Underground Vol.666 [Stream] [Download] [Torrent]    [M, E.]  [Death, Grind, Black, XP, Deviant Electronicl]

Wild 077 - Dark Opera - Black Sewage [Stream] [Download] [Torrent]    [M]  [Black Metal]

Wild 074 - Tunnel To The Underground Vol.1 [Stream] [Download] [Torrent]    [M, E]  [Death, Grind, Black, XP, Deviant Electronicl]

Wild 072 - Purist - Neuroleptica [Stream] [Download] [Torrent]    [I,M] [Indus, Black Metal, Dark Ambient]

Wild 069 - Lost World Order - Marauders [Stream] [Download] [Torrent]    [M]  [Thrash]

Wild 068 - Pandemonium - Whispers [Stream] [Download] [Torrent]   [M]  [Black Metal, Symph.]

Wild 065 - Various – Worldwide Noiseur Mothafuckers [Stream] [Download] [Torrent]  [M, E.]  [Shit Noise, Noise, Grind, XP]

Wild 060 - Mother Of Gosh The Recipe Of... [Stream] [Download] [Torrent] [M, E.]  [ XP, Grind, Speedcore]

Wild 057 - And Summer Dies - Chaotic Chronicle [Stream] [Download] [Torrent]  [M]  [Black Metal, Death]

Wild 055 - Valkyria – Break The Silence [Stream] [Download] [Torrent]  [M]  [Atmospheric Metal, Black]

Wild 054 - Cadillacs & Dinosaurs - Attack! [Stream] [Download] [Torrent]  [M, E.]  [Power Violent, Digital Grindcore]

Wild 053 - Nocturn Deambulation - Specular Writing [Stream] [Download] [Torrent]  [M]  [Death, Black]

Wild 052 - CosmoLoco / VWT [Stream] [Download] [Torrent]  [M, E.]  [Grindcore, Speedcore]

Wild 051 - Dehydrated Goat - Perversion Of.. [Stream] [Download] [Torrent]  [M]  [Grindcore]

Wild 050 - Veils Of Perception – Under My Skin [Stream] [Download] [Torrent]  [M]  [Black, Death]

Wild 048 - Anus Mush - Anus Mush [Stream] [Download] [Torrent]  [M, E]  [Cybergrind, 8 Bit]

Wild 046 - Cosmoloco [Stream] [Download] [Torrent]  [M] [Grindcore]

Wild 044 - Avril In Blood / Incinerate Infection - Split [Stream] [Download] [Torrent]  [M]  [Death Metal]

Wild 043 - Porka Miseria - Duerme Trankilo En Tu Casa [Stream] [Download] [Torrent]  [P][Punk, Rock]

Wild 041 - Kinky Cinch - Sado Und Goremora [Stream] [Download] [Torrent]  [E,M]  [XP, Grind, Breakcore ]


Wild 009 - Sticks & Stones - Kletva Svetleceg Prozora [Stream] [Download] [Torrent]  [M]  [XP, Folk Grind]

Wild 008 - Sticks & Stones - I To Cetri Puta [Stream] [Download] [Torrent]  [M, E]  [XP, Folk Grind]

Wild 007 - Rectumicide - Big Shit [Stream] [Download] [Torrent]  [M]  [Goregrind, Cyber]

Wild 005 - Serpent's Tongue - Into The Burning Deep [Stream] [Download] [Torrent]  [M]  [Death Metal, Thrash]

Wild 004 - Requiem For A Scream - Stupid Helium.. [Stream] [Download] [Torrent]  [M, E]  [Cybergrind, Goregrind]

Wild 003 - Yggdrasil - The Ride Of The Valkyries [Stream] [Download] [Torrent]  [M]  [Black Metal, Pagan]

Wild 002 - Extincion Cerebral / Diabolical Deformity [Stream] [Download] [Torrent]  [M]  [Death Metal Old School / Technical]

Wild 001 - Decades Of Despair - Beneath The Ruins [Stream] [Download] [Torrent]  [M]  [Death Metal, Death Core]

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