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Wild 098 - Realicide - 23 Oct 2010 La Tabacalera Madrid Espana   [Stream] [Download] [Torrent]    [E] [Anarcho Gabber Punk]

Wild 097 - Mental D-struction - Time To Enter In A New Paradigm EP [Stream] [Download] [Torrent]    [E] [Deviant Electronic]

Wild 095 - Aphasia/Jean Ferraille - Unreleased Material [Stream] [Download] [Torrent]  [E] [Industrial, Break]

Wild 094 - Betaphenethylamine - Input Emulation [Stream] [Download] [Torrent]    [E][Industrial / Rythmic Noise]

Wild 093 - Bastard D-struction [Stream] [Download] [Torrent]    [E, M] [Industrial / Speedcore / Digital EM]

Wild 092 - :.X.M.M.: - Noctilucent Cloud [Stream] [Download] [Torrent]    [E]  [Ambient, Experimental] 

Wild 091 - Rioteer – Live @ This Terror [Stream] [Download] [Torrent]    [E]  [Hardcore, Break, Speedcore] 

Wild 087 - Marc Broude - Spychological Warfare [Stream] [Download] [Torrent]     [E]   [Industrial, Metal]

Wild 086 - Data Shit - Reconstruction Deformation [Stream] [Download] [Torrent]    [E]  [IDM, Breakcore]

Wild 085 - ValkyR - Resilience LP [Stream] [Download] [Torrent]    [E]  [Darkstep]

Wild 084 - The Theory Of Nothing  [Stream] [Download] [Torrent]    [E, R] [Rock, 80s, Spoken Word, XP]

Wild 083 - Lordindus - Attendre... [Stream] [Download] [Torrent]    [E]  [Ambient, IDM]

Wild 081 - Brat - The Brat Experience [Stream] [Download] [Torrent]   [E]  [IDM, Breakcore, Punk]

Wild 080 - Various - The Nec ...  [Stream] [Download] [Torrent]    [E]  [IDM, Break, Speed, Indus, Digital]

Wild 079 - Tunnel To The Underground Vol.666 [Stream] [Download] [Torrent]    [M, E.]  [Death, Grind, Black, XP, Deviant Electronicl]

Wild 078 - Art Of Empathy - Posthuman Decadence [Stream] [Download] [Torrent]    [I] [Martial, Neofolk]

Wild 076 - Syncope - Doomed Foetus..  [Stream] [Download] [Torrent]    [E]  [Power Eletronic, Terror]

Wild 075 - Mental D-struction - Extrapolation²  [Stream] [Download] [Torrent]    [E]  [Deviant, XP, Breakcore]

Wild 074 - Tunnel To The Underground Vol.1 [Stream] [Download] [Torrent]    [M, E]  [Death, Grind, Black, XP, Deviant Electronicl]

Wild 073 - Paradeigma - Voices from...  [Stream] [Download] [Torrent]    [E]  [Breakcore, Classical, XP]

Wild 072 - Purist - Neuroleptica [Stream] [Download] [Torrent]    [I,M] [Indus, Black Metal, Dark Ambient]

Wild 071 - Concrete Creeps Filth - Beton Arme [Stream] [Download] [Torrent]  [E]  [Breakbeat, Noise, XP]

Wild 070 - Circuitsmasher - Mutation  [Stream] [Download] [Torrent]  [E]  [Breakcore, DNB]

Wild 067 - Bart Hard, La Foudre, Mental D-struction – Live [Stream] [Download] [Torrent]   [E]  [Speedcore, Power Noise, Deviant, Power Electronic, Atmospheric]

Wild 066 - Iscariote666 – No Respect, No Regrets [Stream] [Download] [Torrent]   [E]  [Terror, Hardcore]

Wild 065 - Various – Worldwide Noiseur Mothafuckers [Stream] [Download] [Torrent]  [M, E.]  [Shit Noise, Noise, Grind, XP]

Wild 064 - Lordindus/Pyrrhon – The 29 Legions... [Stream] [Download] [Torrent]    [E.] [Speedcore, XP]

Wild 063 - Realicide – Digital Scraps 08 [Stream] [Download] [Torrent]  [E.]  [Gabber, HC, Punk]

Wild 062 - EvilMinded – Complex Corrupt [Stream] [Download] [Torrent]  [E, I]  [Rythmic Noise, Indus, IDM]

Wild 061 - Nosens The Final Step [Stream] [Download] [Torrent]  [I]  [Neoclassical, Ambient]

Wild 060 - Mother Of Gosh The Recipe Of... [Stream] [Download] [Torrent] [M, E.]  [ XP, Grind, Speedcore]

Wild 059 - Various Use Of Deadly Force... [Stream] [Download] [Torrent]  [E.]  [Hardcore, Gabber, Speedcore]

Wild 056 - Berto Nastik - Omniphobia [Stream] [Download] [Torrent]  [E, I]  [Neoclassical, Ambient, IDM]

Wild 054 - Cadillacs & Dinosaurs - Attack! [Stream] [Download] [Torrent]  [M, E]  [Power Violent, Digital Grindcore]

Wild 052 - CosmoLoco / VWT [Stream] [Download] [Torrent]  [M, E]  [Grindcore, Speedcore]

Wild 049 - Various - Exponential Error [Stream] [Download] [Torrent]  [E]  [IDM, Hardcore, Deviant, Speedcore]

Wild 048 - Anus Mush - Anus Mush [Stream] [Download] [Torrent]  [M, E]  [Cybergrind, 8 Bit]

Wild 047 - Posthuman Tantra - Pissing Nanorobots [Stream] [Download] [Torrent]  [E]  [Industrial, Dark Ambient]

Wild 045 - DJ Ninja Love Mistake Oi Bubbles EP [Stream] [Download] [Torrent]  [E]  [8 bit / Speedcore]

Wild 042 - Szbuta Soroh - Vaginal Yantra Meditation [Stream] [Download] [Torrent]  [E]  [Harsch Noise ]

Wild 041 - Kinky Cinch - Sado Und Goremora [Stream] [Download] [Torrent]  [E,M]  [XP, Grind, Breakcore ]

Wild 040 - Szbuta Soroh - Cocoon Of A New White Dwarf [Stream] [Download] [Torrent]  [E]  [Psychedelic, Ambient ]

Wild 010 - Fuujjs - Runny And Liquid Feces For Ugly Babies [Stream] [Download] [Torrent]  [E][Noise]

Wild 008 - Sticks & Stones - I To Cetri Puta [Stream] [Download] [Torrent]  [M, E]  [XP, Folk Grind]

Wild 006 - Pain Generate Sperm - SS Durex Terror [Stream] [Download] [Torrent] [E][Terror, Speedcore]

Wild 004 - Requiem For A Scream - Stupid Helium.. [Stream] [Download] [Torrent]  [M, E]  [Cybergrind, Goregrind]

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