[Germany][Wild 072]
Industrial / Black Metal / Dark Soundscapes
Purist was started in 2007 with Mortifer (instruments / sounds) and Doomslayer (Voice).
The concept of this fusion is to created psychotic dark soundscapes, influenced per all the dark underground state of mind. Purist is a band who can totally fit in the same time with the black metal & the industrial scene.
Their first release was a split cd with Funebrum by Bone Structure in the year 2008. One year later came their first full lenght cd by None Salvation Records.
The last releases came as a free download on the net label DNA Productions.
They constantly strive on to realize new ideas & sounds in our own sound studio (rauschverteilung).
Now it's time for "Neuroleptica" on Wildness Records!


Wildness Records - Net Label - Extreme Metal To Extreme Electronic
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