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[Russia][Wild 073]
Breakcore / Experimental / Classical

PARADEIGMA - project emerged in 2005, Chelyabinsk. The main objective of the project - the establishment and promotion of the experimental scene in the Urals. Main idea - The absurd and contradictory combination of naturalistic images; One of the most important values - the irrationality and psihodelichnost.Albomy's Style in: Abstract Hip-Hop/Ambient, and Breakcore. All music in Russian and Russian character. Mark «PARADEIGMA» is the organizer of the only parties in their format of extreme and experimental music in Chelyabinsk. Founder of the uniting of «CUNTROLL» (
Member of labels: AMENOREA (Czech Republic),49manekinow (Poland), NoiseworX (Ukraine) ,Wildness (France),Night Terror (Australia), Another Chance (Spain) .

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