[France / UK ][Wild 070]

Breakcore / Darkstep

Circuitsmasher is a collaborativ project oriented on atmospheric
breakcore, idm, meditativ electronica directly comes from the mind of the sick experimental producer Pirtek -extratone, speedcore, noise project of Paul Bolstridge- The principal members are Paul Bolstridge (UK) -drum prog- and Zac Dendinger (US).
"Mutation" album is a collaboration between Paul Bolstridge [aka Pirtek] and Evelyne Manganese [aka Mental D-struction].Their style can be described as orchestral Breakcore and instrumental Darkstep. Dark drum programmings from Paul are enriched by Evy’s epic synth layers. Mutation Ep consists in sharp dark drum’n’bass / break arrangements surrounded by insane atmospheres and vocals that make Circuitsmasher’s music goes totally mental.

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