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Abous Us :

Wildness was first a non-benefit association create in 2006 in Roanne (France). Our goal was to support and promote extreme metal and hard electronic in this little town who was and are always very poor about alternative culture and culture in general. At this time we was focusing on releasing D.I.Y release, cd-r, compilation, album , editing fanzine & organising few gigs to try to dynamise it.

After few contact with Creatives Commons ideology we decided, in February 2008, to orientate Wildness as a netlabel to continue the promotion of the underground state of mind. C.C offered us a way to propulse our activity and give us an opportunity to give more exposure in what we are believing : the diffusion of alternatives.

About music, we are, until now, focus principaly on grindcore, death metal, extreme metal, extreme electronic, speedcore, hardcore, breakcore, drum n bass, ambient, dark ambient, neoclassical, industrial, experimental, noise... Our release are diffuse under Creatives Commons BY-NC-ND 3.0,  it offers to the band a free way of protection and diffusion of their works and about listeners an alternatives to open their ears and minds to new sound, vision... without any interraction with your economical standard of living. The only things that you needs : an internet connection.

In 2009, two sub division of Wildness was created : "Inform Nation" political D.I.Y 3 inch CD-r and "Contagious Programm" CD and CD-r label for dark, atmospheric and instrospectives sounds. Wildness is now based since the end of 2009 in Bordeaux (south west of France), if you are searching few plan to be here - don't hesitate to ask.


Music Submission :

If you are interested in submitting music to Wildness for consideration, please read this first:

-- Be sure that the release that you submitting fit with what we are searching and releasing, be sure that it has links with the state of mind of our worlwide, even if we are not strictly limited about type and genre, understand that if your release does not match our format, we will not be able to release it. If you need a recommendation for a netlabel for your type of music, please let us know and we'll be happy to try to help. 

-- We are not asking to you any exclusivity about your web-release, but in case or you are searching to make a co-released with others netlabel, we'll be happy to know about it, to could realise a real co-released one. Wildness is open minded about netlabel cooperation, so if you are the owner of a netlabel and that you have an intereting album or compilation to promote, just join us.  

-- Only final album version (mastering -tracklist) 'll be consider to appear on Wildness, don't send us unfinished song or approximatives works or ask us to choose between 43 songs what we prefer. We have not the time to do it. Make your own selection and send us only a quasi-final version of your material. Send us your album with a download link please, make a .Zip or a .Rar of your work, and upload it on any free file hoster - as Megaupload, Yousendit.... this is free, easy and fast for you and us - don't send us your song as an attached file to our email box please. Only MP3 format 'll be consider, encoded at minimun 192 kbps - maximun 320 kbps.

-- About cover and artwork, it'll be great if you got it or/and could take charge of it, the back cover is not a necessity. But in case of you are not able to have it or realize an artwork, we could take charge of it, this is not that who 'll make that your work 'll be not selected, just let us know.

-- About timing, we prefer album under or around 30 min, we prefer in general short release. We can make exeptions but only if the quality of your work justify this exeption.

-- About credit, link and information about your work, send us all the information that you want share with your submission, it could include : website link, myspace, credit : writing-by, musician, artwork by, biography, pics, history of your project. 

-- When you submit a release for consideration, please be sure that you want to make a netlabel release in the first place, after publishing it we 'll not be able to delete all download links who are generate per the publishing. If your music is accept in Wildness, understand that we host our release on Torrent and use P2P interraction - so in case of your change your mind about net release and say "oh no ! now I want sign something with a copyright agency" --> we'll be not able to stop the infection - :) - so be sure to understand what is Creatives Commons - What is a netlabel - and what are the consequence - in brief when your music is publish, after that  - IT IS and that's all - and, we and you can't change the past. So be sure to understand your choice.

-- We releasing under Creatives Commons BY-NC-ND (you can check info here

-- We receive many submissions each month. While we would like to give personal attention to each one, we only have limited time and other things to do - just like you. Therefore, we try to answer to each submission, we must say that it is not the reality. In case, of we are interested per your work, we'll let you know for sure, soon as we have an heard to your work!!! And if you receive a negativ feedback about publihing don't be too much upset, it's not mean that your work is bad just that we have not our mind about that when you are contacting us.


So if you are interesting to appear on Wildness, you are really welcome, we are searching all the time interesting stuff to share - talk to you soon!!



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